Today emergency medical personnel need PANACEA to ensure that they have the most up‐to‐date protocols and dosages at their fingertips when it counts. PANACEA is a mobile app that replaces paper memory aids, reduces opportunities for error by providing step by step instruction, and documents all actions taken. It ensures that the right medication is being delivered to the right person in the right dosages at the right time via the right route. Some of the features and capabilities of PANACEA include:

Protocol timer, metronome, drug calculator

Audible prompts to complete tasks within each protocol

Records exact timing of administered protocols

Audio documentation of all actions

After action reporting

Creates an electronic patient “chart” that seamlessly ports from one device to another or exports to a new medical record system

Automatically updates when policies, procedures, protocols or dosages change

The Medical Director Suite enables a medical director to create and modify all the protocols EMS personnel follow. When policies, procedures, protocols or dosages change, PANACEA ensures that information dissemination is accurate, immediate and verifiable.

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