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NorthStar is an intuitive electronic forms (E-Forms) software. Create custom forms for both internal and external use. Store all your submissions in the cloud and easily access them anywhere, anytime. Download submission data as CSV for further analysis or use our built in tools. Customize dashboards for mission critical information in real-time at a glance.


The mission of a nonprofit organization is to change the world in an inspired way!

To change the world, you need passion and purpose…and the right tools.

Forbes magazine reports that half of all nonprofit organizations fail due to 1) not having a strategic plan and 2) not planning for the future. Both of these require solid, consistent DATA.

Grantors, foundations, boards of directors, and donors all want to see measurable results…and that means DATA.

How do you know what data to gather?

Over the past 10 years, Equip the Saints nonprofit consulting organization ( has partnered with nonprofit organizations to determine how to bridge the gap between the nonprofit needs and available resources.

Equip the Saints provides tailor-made consultation to determine specific needs, including which data is most beneficial to your nonprofit organization’s success.

How can a nonprofit easily and effectively collect, analyze, and use its own data?

Equip the Saints partnered with software development company Brilliant Innovations Inc. to create NorthStar® - easy-to-use software exclusively for nonprofit organizations.

NorthStar® builds your nonprofit organization (NPO) from the inside by providing:

  • A safe and efficient way to collect and use day-to-day NPO data, including the ability to encrypt sensitive data.
  • A way to easily create, adapt, and use digital versions of your NPO’s forms.
  • A customizable dashboard that allows each software user to track specific NPO data using charts and graphs that is relevant to the user’s operational and reporting needs.
  • Tools to create reports using your NPO’s aggregated NorthStar® data for use and dissemination to grantors, donors, potential donors, and shareholders.
  • The ability to assign specific permissions to each user for use or modification of forms, viewing of reports, and dissemination of data.
  • Instant access to all of your forms, reports, and data wherever you have internet access.
  • Downloadable versions of your NPO’s data and forms.
  • An affordable subscription tailored to your NPO that includes Equip the Saints’ nonprofit consulting.

How is NorthStar® different than other software data management systems?

Most software is complicated because it was created for for-profit businesses. Your organization was created as a nonprofit for a reason and should not be stuck with for-profit software.

You should never have to make software work for you. Learning time, software modification, hours of on-line help all take up your valuable time. NorthStar® works for you. By following simple instructions, you can recreate your forms digitally and begin collecting and using data TODAY!

What if we need guidance?

Personal consultation from Equip the Saints is available to assist your nonprofit organization to:

  • Build, customize, and use your nonprofit organization’s forms in NorthStar®.
  • Determine the most relevant data to collect for your nonprofit organization’s success.
  • Tailor your NorthStar® dashboard for immediate inspection of important data.
  • Customize reports for all of your NPO needs, such as grant writing and reports to your donors, potential donors, and your board of directors.
  • Help your nonprofit organization discover measurable, marketable goals and use those goals for advance your mission.
  • Connect available resources, partners, and opportunities with your nonprofit organization’s mission and needs.

Technical support is provided by software developer Brilliant Innovations, Inc.

What are you waiting for?

We don’t have time to learn a new software system.

NorthStar® is easy-to-use and software consultants are available to answer any questions. NorthStar® has exactly the tools nonprofits needs without all of the complications of a bigger software package.

We don’t have money in the budget right now.

Funding to nonprofit organizations has been decreasing and rules are becoming more stringent. Grantors and donors are asking harder questions and expecting data-backed reports to show impact. In order to succeed, your nonprofit organization must capitalize on the world-changing work you are doing by collecting data that shows the world how you impact the world every day.

NorthStar® is available on a subscription basis that is tailored to your nonprofit organization. That means there are no set-up fees, software upgrades costs, or expensive computer hardware needed.

We don’t want to change our forms or processes.

NorthStar® is all about YOUR needs. Your forms are recreated in a digital form on NorthStar® and the tools in NorthStar® assist you by making your own processes easier.

We need approval from our Board of Directors.

Your Board of Directors will be the first to tell you that data is of the highest value to your nonprofit’s daily work and sustainability. Many of them are from business backgrounds and will be excited to hear that there is a data management system exclusively for nonprofit organizations. We are happy to set up a consultation with your Board to discuss the clear, positive impact of NorthStar® to your nonprofit organization.

We don’t want to lose the information we already have.

Historical data can be uploaded into NorthStar® for NPO use. Equip the Saints consultants can discuss this process with you to determine the best course of action.


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